Moisture in my log cabin is leading to dry rot. What can I do?


Thanks for the inquiry and for the kind words – both are appreciated.

You seem to have the diagnosis correct based on what you told us.

Your northern log cabin, built on a concrete slab, is subject to large amounts of moisture in the spring and this is leading to dry rot conditions of the wood and possibly worse.

Concrete will conduct a huge amount of moisture into house air, whether in a crawl space, a basement or the main floor living environment.

Those old floor tiles might well be – or might not be – asbestos. The only way to know for certain would be to have them tested if you cannot discover an identifier on the back of an intact tile.

Your proposed solution should help – taking up the tile and sealing the concrete against moisture from below.

We would suggest acquiring a concrete sealant from a cement supply house.

Vexcon makes a lot of great product.

Ventilation fans that are triggered by humidity would also help.

It would also benefit to make certain there is a positve slope of the ground away from all four sides of the cabin outside, and to have good rain gutters, downspouts and drains to carry roof water well away from the home.

Hopefully this provides some direction with regard to the issue.

While water provides sustainence, it is destructive for homes and other enclosed spaces.

Stay in touch with us regarding this or any other issues you may have with the house and tell everyone you know to listen to the Inside Outside Guys.

Blessings and stay well.

The Guys

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