Is it possible to hire a contractor to install products and materials I previously purchased?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

You are looking for a professional that will work with you to install product and materials you purchased.

We certainly understand why a homeowner would try to safe money by purchasing their own supplies, but the truth is they often spend more because professional contractors can usually buy better quality for less money. Those same contractors also tend to know what works and what doesn’t, i.e. what products provide greater value.

Not many contractors will work with a client who purchases their own materials and fixtures – for much the same reason you don’t bring your own dishes and lettuce fixings to a restaurant.

If something does not function properly – we blame the installing contractor.

If parts are missing from a new product package – or are incomplete – whose responsibility is it – and will you provide additional compensation to the installing contractor when they have to lose time correcting such issues?

Who is going to warranty the product when the owner is the primary purchaser?

As an example, not all plumbing fixtures are created equally as evidenced to me by a plumber who had two, seemingly identical brass faucets and cut them in half. What he showed me was a far lower quality casting in the “cheaper” model that was going to cause maintenance issues.

All of this having been said, we suggest you talk with Brandon at Ace -734-236-1222  – to see if he can fit you in.

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