What can you tell me about salt softeners vs salt-free units?


Thanks for the inquiry.

The issue of salt softeners vs salt-free units becomes one of semantics as well as technology.

Salt-free units do not actually “soften” water in the sense of removing minerals. They use ion technology to keep minerals in the water in suspension so they do not adhere to pipes and fixtures, especially calcium which is the primary cause of “scale”….at least to a point. They may not prevent scale in places where water sets such as a water heater or horizontal pipe runs.

Current thinking is that most homes will benefit more from salt-softening using high efficiency technology to minimize salt usage.

The Industry believes that salt softening will help extend the life of water-using appliances as well as your home plumbing systems including pipes, shower heads, washers and water heaters.

So the answer begins with your need and the needs of your home or business.

Have your water tested for hardness and contaminants. Either system will benefit (perform better) if you have heavy iron and employ an iron filter prior to treatment.

Discuss salt-treatment systems that meter use and perform as needed rather than in response to the calendar. Properly specified and installed they can be miserly and very efficient.

Hopefully this gets you pointed toward a solution.

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