What do we have to do prep a concrete floor before painting?

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Reading and following manufacturer’s directions really is the way to go today for most product.

Outside we would want to pressure wash at a minimum. In the basement, a good scrubbing with a TSP and a THOROUGH rinse might suffice if the concrete is not “hard troweled” or sealed – much like a garage floor would be. In that case, the acid etching – when suggested by the manufacturer – is needed. Any loose or flaking material must be removed.

You might also consider a trick we discussed months ago. Use duct tape to secure a one-foot square piece of visqueen to the floor for minimum 24 hours. If moisture is condensed under the plastic after that you may have trouble with your porch and deck paint staying down since it does not breathe. If that’s the case, you might consider a concrete stain which would allow moisture to wick through the concrete.

Hopefully this helps with your concerns.

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