Can you suggest a good quality water heater?


Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on the money saving repair!

What is the “best” water heater? There are many good units available and most can be had from a good plumbing company. You want a unit that is insulated and has a quick enough recovery to handle your use demands.

Also keep in that water quality has a major impact on the life of water heaters.

This is not a typical DIY project since you are talking about a gas and water hook up – either of which could be serious issues if not done properly. Additionally, there are code issues that can impact the legality and insurability of the work and the premises in which it is installed.

A professional plumber will provide the required permits, expert installation and a written warranty with your new water heater.

If you don’t know of a good plumber in Ontario, call the Home Builders Association and ask for a referral.

Hopefully this helps. Please stay in touch with your questions and tell everyone you know about the Inside Outside Guys!!!

God Bless,

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