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My House “Cracks” Me Up!

Name: Jeffrey

City: Redford

Question: What kind of professional do I need to properly evaluate and fix growing cracks in and around my house?

Suspected problem:  driveway and house are not sufficiently built/ bonded to each other.  Concrete driveway is between 2 houses.  Gutters drain onto the driveway from both homes.  I’m guessing water has done “its thing” over time.

*front porch is pulling away from house; porch slab has a hairline crack *the concrete added to fill the gaps have developed their own more

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The Grass is always Greener…

Name: Betty

City: Ann Arbor, MI

Question: When can I apply grass seed to an established lawn?   I would like to apply crabgrass kill this spring but have been told it will hinder growth of new seed?  Basically should I skip the crabgrass kill and just apply grass seed, fertilizer and grub kill as needed?  thank you so much.


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

You can be re-seeding an existing lawn right now – but you want more

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Birds coming home to roost!

Name: Matt


City: Walled Lake


Question: Guys,

I have wood siding on my house.  I’ve noticed sparrows nesting behind my downspout from the second story roof to the first story roof.  I thought they sounded too loud so I checked it out just now.  They are nesting behind that downspout and somehow they dug out the wood siding to nest INSIDE!!!!

Whom do i contact to remove the nest and also, whom should I contact to patch the siding??

Thank you so much!

Comment: Love your more

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Choosing a Kitchen Contractor

Name: Dianna

City: Lake Orion, MI

Question: Thanks for taking my call today about the kitchen remodel.  I appreciate your time.  You were going to send me comparisons on counter top choices.

Also, if you could let me know if you have an opinion on KDI and/or Epiphany Kitchens, I would appreciate it.  Both were at the Home show last weekend.  I also have a friend suggesting LaFayta.  Other than that, if you have someone you would suggest I am certainly would appreciate more


Water Heater Maintenance

Name: Thomas

Comments: My water heater is 6 years old and seems to be getting a little punky. We have Detroit water along with a family of 5. I have never serviced the heater. Any tune-up tips? Seems like I should get more than 6 years out of it. This is a gas heater. Any advise is appreciated. Thank you.



Thanks for being a part of the show – we appreciate you.

A six year old water heater should be considered ‘young” by more

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Choosing Counter top Materials

Name: Pat

Comments: Hi,  I listened in on the weekend and heard a conversation about counter tops for kitchens.  I heard something about some needing seals and others not and something about how the laminates are such a nice quality now that you would even consider that before another counter surface.  You told the lady on the phone that you would send her information on the pros and cons of select counter tops.  I would love this information prior to re more


Insulation Questions

Name: Lisa

City: Madison heights

Comments: There were two companies you talked to at the recent home show were mentioned on the Saturday 2/2 show for home insulation.  One was USA Insulation and the other one was a mans name and #? That is the one I am trying to find also to get a couple of quotes or information.  I believe he was from Tennessee or Kentucky or something like that originally.  What is his company name an contact #?  I am seeing more


Ant Issues

Name: Lori

City: Shelby Township

Question: I know it’s only February but the black ants have already begun their spring visit.  I live in a colonial and I am finding them

in the upstairs bathroom.  My guess is they are coming from the attic, however, there is no bathroom fan in this bathroom.  Is it too early to have an exterminator come out?  What products do you recommend?

Comment: WMUZ



Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

It is not too more

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Stinky Vermin Problem

Name: Lynn

City: Hartland

Question: I remember you  had a show about getting rid of skunks. Could you please send us a name and phone number of who you recommend to get rid of skunks?  We have one burrowed under our house and have tried everything we know to get rid of it.  So far it has sprayed 3 times in the past few weeks and seems to be getting worse each time. We appreciate any information you can give us.

Thanks, Lynn

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Choosing Countertops

Name: Kristie

City: Livonia

Question: There was a lady wanting advice about remodeling her kitchen and I too would like to do that. I wasn’t sure what counter tops you said are the best. Someone I know has granite and said some things that make me think they are not for me. Also I don’t know if I should get new cupboards or what I should do. You can email me or if you want can call me.



Comment: 103.5 I listen to more

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