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Coating a Concrete Floor

How do I prep and coat a concrete floor?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate the question.

Most of the success in coating a concrete floor will be tied to good preparation. ALWAYS follow manufacturer’s instructions. Safety precautions are there to protect you and the household so do not ignore or short-circuit any of them!

Floors that have a lot of moisture in them will not be able to be coated. Test the floor with a one-foot square piece of plastic taped more

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Love Thy Neighbors’ Trees

My neighbor’s trees are destroying my concrete – what can I do?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your dilemma.

Generally, if a tree is near a property line, but the trunk is clearly on your neighbor’s property, it is their tree and you cannot harm the tree.

This is true even if the leaves, needles, branches or roots are a nuisance to you and your home – especially if the tree was in place before the occupancy of adjoining homes. more

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Worried About Cracks?

Should I be worried about cracks in the foundation?


Thank you for a great question!

Every masonry, concrete or stone foundation has some cracks. The issue becomes more about the nature of the cracks than their presence.

Any crack might allow for the entry of water. These must be properly repaired ASAP.

Long, horizontal cracks might suggest improper construction or loading issues and can result in water and dirt infiltration as well as potential bowing. These should be repaired ASAP.

Cracks that are fairly vertical more

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Seeing Spots – Mold???

I see black spots on my drywall – is it mold?


Thank you for the question – a great one a lot of people deal with.

The “black” you are seeing could be indications of past mold issues  – especially if the material appears dried and more flaky vs damp and “punky”.

It may be that a prior owner tried to cover it up without proper prior preparation – including use of a good KILZ primer or similar product.

If the area is still more

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Bang! Bang! On the Water Pipes!

My washing machine causes my water pipes to “bang”.


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Front load washing machines have built a reputation in the industry for being difficult to balance, among other issues. As a result, we are seeing a “migration” of consumers going back to top loaders after having purchased a front loading washing machine.

The pipes “banging” is usually the result of fast-close valves stopping the flow of water and creating a vibration through the pipes because water more

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Every contractor I talk to about building a new garage suggests I do all the legwork, while they only do the construction. Is that right?


Thank you for the question. It is frequently asked and is a great one to be concerned about.

As we have said many times recently, the construction industry is very busy and certainly “short-handed”. Good labor is very difficult to find and probably will continue to be for some time to come. This results in many contractors more

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Repairing Rod Holes in Basement Walls

I’ve noticed I have a few rod holes in my basement that look like they to be repaired. Any suggestions?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

Those rod holes in the basement walls never get better over time – always worse, so acting on them as soon as you notice them makes great sense.

When the concrete walls are poured or “placed” the forms that hold the wet concrete must be held together by ties or “rods” that pass through more

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Reglazing Sinks and Tubs

I have sinks and tubs that I would like re-glazed.


Thank you for the inquiry and the call – we appreciate both.

With regard to old plumbing fixtures, our first suggestion is always to replace if you can. New units of higher quality will nearly always provide great value over time.

But, not everyone has the budget for that so we do offer you an option – with caveats attached.

Re-glazing sinks and tubs is a bit of an art – even if you’re more

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Attic Ventilation Simplified

Can you shed some light on the issue of attic ventilation?


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate the inquiry.

Since one can assume some temperature movement from heated home to ventilated attic, and some temperature exchange from hot outside to cooler attic space, it becomes increasingly important to provide proper and dependable ventilation of the attic space so moisture from condensed warm air doesn’t stay in that attic and cause further damage.

In any space where we want to either introduce more

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Info on Radon Testing

Can you provide some information on Radon testing?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive isotope usually found in rock formations. It can be transported through ground water to end up in our basements and our homes.

A good start on a Radon Mitigation System for the home is to seal all basement foundation cracks continuously and thoroughly. The sump is the usual point of entry, so using and sealed lid system on the crock more

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