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Creating More Livable Space


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Its fairly common to have the situation you describe in new homes – a potential habitable space above the garage – whether for office, workout or spare bedroom.

These rooms add a lot of value to homes in the market place.

You biggest concerns in converting this space are structural, proper insulation so the room can be maintained at a comfortable level and fire protection.

Additional issues that may come in to play more

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Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

You are looking for information on basement finishing systems that are pre-finished and easily installed.

We have talked about a few of these over the years. Owens Corning – think “pink” insulation – has had such a system for years.

Most of these are panelized sysems that have pre-finished and washable surfaces that are resistant to organics such as mold. Most also have an insulation value when applied and can be more

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Roofing & Seamless Gutters


Thank you for listening and being part of our show – we appreciate you!

Glad to know you understand the importance of dealing with a professional you can trust.

The success of hiring someone to work on your home is so often dependent on what happens AFTER the job is completed – that’s why we like our Team Partners!

Call Pro Home Improvement – 888-PRO-1998 – for that new roof and remind them of the Inside Outside Guys special of new, seamless, gutters more

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Concrete Basement Cracks

Who can you suggest to repair a basement crack in Wixom?


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!!!

Call Daryl at State Contracting – 810-664-2735 – to repair that basement crack.

He will look for cracks and rod holes to take care of current and future issues with your basement.

Remember – the only promise that comes with concrete is that it WILL crack!

Please stay in touch and tell everyone you know about the Inside Outside Guys!!

God Bless,

The Guys

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Drying Out After a Leak


Thank you for trusting the Inside Outside Guys – we appreciate your trust!!!!

Water that sits on an interior floor for any extended length of time – in your case a week – will seek every lower spot to run to and build up.

The concern you have on that tile floor is not so much the tile, but the wood substrate below it and the bottom of the wall frame around it.

The bottom of the surrounding wall  frame can hold a more

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The insulation company we spoke of is Ace and Sons Insulation – 888-500-4ACE.

It takes a specialty company to properly and completely insulate existing homes.

The hidden framing issues make it a challenge, as well as maintaining proper density with the insulation to give you the R-Values you require.

Additionally, doing the work “invisibly”, so that it doesn’t show after the company leaves is part of the training and experience Ace brings to the job.

This is a product, properly done, that truly begins more

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Leak, Leak, Go Away!


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Windows and doors that leak air are the bane of every homeowner. Windows and doors that leak water are a frightening prospect.

Your house is far too “young” to be experiencing these issues.

Water can cause the growth of molds and other organics inside the wall cavities and lead to rot.

We often talk about “mechanical flashings” around windows and doors rather than caulks – because caulks are a temporary seal against the more

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Professionally-made Gutters & Downspouts


Thank you so much for being part of the show and for your great comments!!!!

We really appreciate you.

You need professionally made and installed gutters and downspouts designed to carry all that water away from your home – and you require someone who can “wrap” your overhangs with a maintenance-free product so you can be worry free from here on in.

Call Pro-Home Improvement and speak with Tim at 248-556-5839 or 888-PRO-1998. They are the Exterior Experts with great products and trained more

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Lifting Concrete

Part of my concrete driveway has lifted up three inches – what can I do?


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

The VERY cold winter we’ve had combined with all the salt the cities have put on the roads have created a problem for homeowners like you.

Our cars bring that salt “home” and it helps take water – which later freezes – deep into the ground under our walks and drives.

That freezing water has tremendous power more

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Insulating a Crawl Space


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

It sounds as though you almost have your crawl space encapsulated – but for a couple issues.

Did you insulate the floor frame? Was it done with Fiberglass batts?

Do you have a sump crock buried in the crawl with a pump to intercept water below the plastic?

Did you introduce conditioned air in to the crawl when you were finished?

Our philosophy is to treat the crawl like a “short basement” – everything more

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