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Keep it Quiet!

Help! Is there a board I can use to deaden sound transfer between a first and second floor?


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Is there a sound deadening board one can install on a floor or ceiling to reduce active sound transmission?

The most difficult sound waves to deaden are the bass waves. Various materials and combinations of materials are used in construction to reduce sound transmission from one space to another.

True sound “deadening” often requires total more

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This is a classic result of re-lining an existing tub.

If the liner is not a prefect fit, or is simply not uniformly and properly attached, water can get get between it and the tub and create mold issues and worse.

There are typically no mechanical fasteners for this – only glues.

If you could completely dry out the space between the two, you have nothing to lose by attempting to re-seal the gap, but it is likely going to be a recurring more

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Get the Job Done Right!

We had half our windows replaced and the custom piece they made to cover the area where two windows are joined was too small so they simply caulked it. Is this appropriate?


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When two windows are joined, we “mull” them together with custom fit materials. This joint should be weather tight and “invisible”, i.e. your eye should not be drawn to a bead of caulk here.

Caulk will fail over time more

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Help! I have ground squirrels in my walls and don’t know what to do!


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You have a nest of ground squirrels that have found a way in to your old farm house through cracks in the foundation.

If you don’t feel you can afford a pest control company, you may consider live traps, apet cat or a product called Tanglefoot.

One live trap that is locally available at most big box stores is called Hav-a-Hart. It is more

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Replacing French Doors

I need some French doors replaced by a quality company that will install them properly.


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Call Royal Tech and speak with Curtis or Tim about those doors and your specific concerns.

Royal Tech, at 313-295-4100, can custom make the doors to fit your situation – rather than modifying an existing opening to fit a “stock” sash.

Please stay in touch and tell everyone you know about the Inside Outside Guys!!!

God Bless,

The Guys

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Sealing Ducts – DIY

Can I seal the exposed ducts myself, or should I invest in a company using a product that can seal the entire system?


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We often lose 30-40-% of our effective heating and cooling to duct systems that leak at every joint. This can contribute to too cold/hot rooms and equipment running longer/more often than needed.

An Aeroseal type product is put in to your system under controlled pressures to seal every joint in the more

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I Need a Handyman!

I need a small cabinet repair done – can you help?


Handyman jobs are the hardest to find dependable people for.

That worn pivot on a lazy susan cabinet is just such a job.

Call Tom at 810-459-4856 and explain the situation to him. The more of this type of work you have for him at one time, the better value you will likely get from the visit.

Please stay in touch and tell everyone you know about the Inside Outside Guys!!

God Bless,

The Guys

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HELP! I need a copy of the residential code regarding headroom requirements for bathrooms in the basement.


Thank you for your question.

We are not certain as to the specific issue at hand, so we will try an educated guess.

The Michigan Residential Code, MRC, is a copyrighted material – we don’t know where you can “download” it for free. You may be able to view a copy at the public library or at a stocking book store.

The code enforcement officials in your city should more

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Rolled Roofing


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Is there a roll roofing product/system that can last for decades on a roof without replacement?


Rolled roofing product is manufactured essentially the same way most shingle roofing product is made – the difference simply being a lack or visual ‘texture” on the roof since the roll material tends to lay flat in a single sheet compared to the individually applied shingles we are used to.

Shingles are meant for sloped roofs more

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Call the Door Doctor


THANK YOU! for being a part of the show and for the great comments!

We really appreciate both!

Call the guys at the The Door Doctor – in your area – 248-442-0368 – and explain your concerns.

Garage doors today have effectively become the “main” door to a residence since they are used nearly every time we leave the house or come back to it.

A dependable door and opening device is not just a convenience so much as it is a safety device more

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