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Is it Best to Hire a Christian Contractor?

When looking for a contractor to work on your home, is it important that you try to hire a Christian company?

Trying to find the right company to work on your home can be a tiresome and scary task. You’re going to be exposing your home and family to people you don’t know for a couple of days for a small project up to a few months or longer for a larger project (like more

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Buying Real Estate – You Need a Professional!!!

How do you know the house you just bought really belonged to the seller? How can you know if that detached garage is on your property? What happens if you move in to that new home only to find a lot of expensive problems?

 The quick answer to all the above questions is “work with a Professional Realtor”.

 Things you may not know:

A property may have liens against the title that jeopardize your ownership. A lien is an encumbrance that more
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