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Directing Water Run-off


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You have some water issues that seem to be directing run off to the front of your house. This is never a desirable situation. Water should always be led away from the garage and the house because it can cause so much damage.

It is fairly common to install drains right in the concrete, but to do so in front of the garage could be an issue for a couple more

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Backyard Mess


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You had a lot of “junk” trees removed from the back yard – but now that portion of the property is a weed choked mess!

A professional can come in and make it beautiful for you. They may begin by safely killing off the existing vegetation, then regrading, providing nutrients for the soil and replanting ground cover.

You could have a new lawn there by mid-fall.

This may also be a good time to more

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DIY Painting

Common Mistakes, Concerns, Issues to Consider


Presented as a courtesy of The Inside Outside Guys,

Everyone is on a budget. Investing the time and effort in to repainting can be money wasted if not done well. On the outside, a good paint job should last 7-12 years or more.


Terms you’ll be glad to understand:


VOC – Refers to the petroleum-based compounds (volatile organic compounds) released in to the air when the product is used. more
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Exterior Painting


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It sounds as though you have a busy summer getting a new roof and exterior painting to spruce up the home.

Call Kim Mendelsohn 517-745-0360 to get an idea of what is involved in painting that old aluminum siding.

Preparation is everything with regard to coating these old surfaces – and then applying the correct product so that you are not re-doing it in a couple years.

Please stay in touch and tell more

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Backyard Swamp


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Living with a “swamp” in your backyard is no picnic – unless gators ‘n’ snakes appeal to you.

You mention having “an old drainage pipe” at the back end. We would suggest you check with the city and see if that is connected to an old drainage easement/system that may actually be the responsibility of the subdivision or the city to maintain.

Many residential subdivisions have drainage easements that run around the more

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DIY Drywall Repairs

 For making repairs to holes the approximate size of a doorknob (4” dia.) or smaller.


You want to make a repair that disappears into the wall surface once it has been re-painted/finished. To accomplish this, you will create a depression in the surface that you will then “fill” to the wall surface around the repair.

What you should know about drywall:

Drywall is typically made of gypsum  – think plaster-of-paris, alabaster, fertilizers – sandwiched between two layers of paper. The product more


New Bathtub


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Bathtub re-finishing is a tricky science and the Inside Outside Guys are not big fans.

We look for value in everything we talk about and an old bathtub – even re-finished – is still an old bathtub.

Because there are so many different configurations of tubs and surface issues that impact them, we have seen many re-finish systems fail in short order – just like you did in this instance.

Do your more

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Radiant Heat Barriers


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Radiant Heat Barriers, RB, are not new to the science of housing – but are – in a relative sense – “new” to application in home construction.

We get our heat from the sun through radiant waves that travel through millions of miles of freezing cold outer space without giving up their heat energy – until they strike a surface on our planet more

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A Settling Slab


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You are having a brand new home built and some settlement of your new garage floor slab has you concerned?

Should a new slab settle one inch or more and be un-level even as the home is being finished?

Absolutely not!

The native soils were excavated when the foundations were built and the resulting fill should have been a compacted, readily drained material such as sand or stone as a sub-base to more

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Bees in a Barrel


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You have a nest of bees in an old “whiskey barrel” and want to know what to do with them?

Some distillers of bourbon spirits might suggest you let them “bee” until they create a concoction for you!

There are fogging agents that work well to eliminate nests in enclosed spaces. All you need is the same access ports/holes the creatures are using and apply the spray per manufacturer’s instructions.

Most such pesticides more

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